Concrete Cutting

Flat Sawing

 Slab sawing, also known as flat sawing, floor sawing and road sawing, including coring for bollards, electrical services, plant upgrades, industrial cable lines. These choices make precision cuts in metal, steel-reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete, asphalt and stone. Leading general contractors, mechanical contractors and heavy civil construction firms rely on Housley Demolition expertise to slab saw and coring... roads, runways and bridge decks for reconstruction and repair, trenches in floors, monolithic slabs and foundations for mechanical services, andbreakthroughs in suspended slabs, elevated slabs, roofs and steel pan decking for structural alterations and additions. 

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing, sometimes referred to as "track sawing", can cut precisely plumb, level or beveled edges in shear walls, masonry walls, pre-cast concrete, reinforced concrete and metal. Housley Demolition commonly uses this versatile controlled demolition method to cut access-ways and breakthroughs for stairways, elevators, windows and doors, and to create crossovers for mechanical services and cabling.

Wire Sawing

Typical applications include: 

Underwater cutting for bridge, dock, dam, wharf and pier modifications; Refinery turnarounds and power plant retrofitting; Line modifications at industrial plants and process facilities such as steel mills / steelworks, paper and pulp plants, cement plants and mineral processing facilities;Maintenance and capital projects at water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants / wastewater treatment plants (WWTP);Nuclear decommissioning, SGR projects and maintenance outages. Perfect for projects that dont allow overcuts,and always leaves an smooth finished surface.

Core Drilling

Core Drilling Sevices

Concrete Core Drilling services can be used to create new pipe penetrations to provide access for a wide variety of applications, from plumbing to steam-fitting to electrical work. Unlike traditional methods that stir up dust, we use a wet cutting method that accurately and efficiently prevents the release of harmful silica into the air where it can cause serious health concerns for workers and passersby. We take the safety of our employees seriously as well as others in the field, which is why nearly all of the services we offer are dust-free.

We boast an unlimited selection of drill bits over ½,” allowing us to manage even the most seriously heavy-duty concrete core drilling jobs. Our bits are large enough to be used for wastewater treatment piping and similarly large-scale projects. Our selection of electric, diesel, hydraulic, and gas concrete core drilling equipment provides the flexibility needed to get your job quickly, efficiently, and on time.

Flat Saw Cutting

Housley Demolition Cutting Concrete Driveway for Owner

Wall Saw Cutting

Wall Saw Concrete Tilt up Panel for New electrical room upgrade in Milipitas Ca 

Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing Solid Steel Press and Brake in Visalia Ca